A little village in Hertfordshire, England.

Welham Green Rail Users Group
Our group aims to provide a forum for discussion on all issues relating to rail travel to and from Welham Green, and as a collective voice for ongoing dialogue with the train operating companies.

Concerns raised to date include the lack of basic maintenance at Welham Green station in particular the ongoing problems of litter and graffiti and lack of up-to-date information about services. We have had successful talks with WAGN who are currently working towards solutions, however there are a number of other concerns that we are continuing to address.

Our next meeting will take place on

Monday 12th May 2003, 7.30pm
at 9 Conningsby Close, Welham Green

All non members welcome. For further information call Julia on 01707 276754

If you share our concerns and would like further information, please contact
Julia Guerra on 01707 276754 or
e-mail: mjxguerra@compuserve.com